Photonics integrated circuits standardisation

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This article is written by Jose Pozo, Technology Consultant PNO and Carlos Lee, Director General EPIC; Published in Optical Connections, issue 3, Q3 2014

It is commonly accepted by the photonics community that the future of system in a package (SiP) products fully depends on the technology evolution of photonic integrated circuits (PICs).

The key selling point for PICs is that they allow electro-optical systems to be more compact and offer higher performance as well as potential lower cost than those resulting of the integration of discrete components. During the last decade, the key technology platforms for the realization of PICs, namely silicon photonics, indium phosphide (InP) and TripleX, have been developed to the extent that they are already globally used in an increasing number of applications with an ever increasing functionality according to Moore’s law. Increasingly, the new enabled market products do not only stem from the big companies (such as IBM, Intel, TE Connectivity) but are also developed by SMEs. It is the latter where the PIC technology encounters one of the major hurdles: the lack of low cost standardized packaging concepts, both for testing purposes as well as for the low, medium and high volume production of application specific SiP products...

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